Water Disaster…Yikes! Call The Water Damage Cleanup Company

water damage cleanup company st george, water damage st george, water damage repair st georgeWater damage is one of the most destructive forms of damage. Due to the liquid quality of water, most objects have a tendency to absorb and store water at alarming rates. If you know St. George, you know the summer heat can pack a punch! You also know that summer can bring large storms. How about winter? Although Utah is a desert, winter brings beautiful snow, and freezing temperatures…yes, even in southern Utah. Thankfully, your trusted water damage cleanup company, Ally 1 Disaster Solutions, is ready to jump on the job!

Water Damage Cleanup Company In St. George

Let’s take a look at some science

Have you ever wondered why water is absorbed quickly, partially, or not at all, depending on the material it comes in contact with? Water is made up of molecules. A molecule is matter that is made up of two or more atoms. Water is made up of three atoms. It consists of 2 hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom. This cluster of atoms forms a water molecule! There are millions of these molecules in one drop of water. Water molecules are loosely packed. This is what classifies it as a liquid. 

Wood molecules are larger than water molecules. Wood molecules are tightly packed together. This is what classifies wood as a solid. Because wood molecules are larger, the smaller water molecules are able to pass through them. If there is nothing to extract the water from the wood, whether it be vacuum suction, or heat induced evaporation, the water continues to slowly seep into the wood.

Why is water absorption a bad thing?

Standing water can soften the wood. This results in weak structural integrity and causes a hazardous environment. The building structure has a potential to come crashing down bringing wires and drywall with it. 

Not only does water weaken the building structure, it is a catalyst to mold growth. Mold LOVES moist environments. Mold is an organism that feeds off moist matter. It spreads by shooting off spores (little pieces of mold that grow to become bigger patches of mold) into the air. These spores land on various materials and go to town. Mold does a lot of damage not only to the structure, but also to human health. If you breathe in mold spores, they may attach to your interior and cause a plethora of health problems. Most claim an increase in headaches, coughing, and other respiratory related problems. 

Moral of the story is: Don’t procrastinate calling a water damage cleanup company! The longer you let water sit, the more severe the damage will be. Signs of water damage include:

  • Warping of material
  • Discoloration
  • Mold growth
  • Dampness/softening of material
  • Damp or musty smells

If you come across any of these signs, contact a water damage cleanup company right away! It’s not as simple as just mopping up the mess with a few rags. Timing is everything. Let me say that again, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. There are 24-hour water damage cleanup companies in the St. George area (such as those at Ally 1 Disaster Solutions) ready to assist with any water damage cleanup needs. 

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