Fire to Water to Mold: The Importance of a Professional Restoration Company after Disaster Strikes


Fire Damage Cleanup Cedar City, Fire Damage Repair Cedar City, Fire Damage Restoration Cedar CityIn scenarios where fire damage is also accompanied by water damage to the property, it is best to get in touch with a full emergency restoration professional who can provide both fire and water damage restoration services together. Ally1 Disaster Solutions can help cater both types of services and help restore your business site to its original working condition.

A fire can be a devastating event, whether it occurs at home or a business. Not only does a fire cause damage due to the heat and flames itself, it’s after effects can include debris, soot, odor, and ash throughout the building site and can cause surface discoloration and damage to equipment if not treated immediately. In addition, there can also be substantial water damage caused by firefighting efforts when suppressing the fire.

The Hidden Dangers of Post-Fire Water Damage

Even though the flames may have been extinguished, there are usually a number of other issues at hand that needs to be dealt with after a fire. Since fire fighters use large amounts of water to fight the flames, the aftermath of water damage to property can often include sogginess, saturation, and even hazardous mold growth.

Professional water damage cleanup services include preventing sogginess and saturation from setting in. Both these problems can easily impact businesses by posing a serious threat to building structures, interior furnishings, important documents, records and other office equipment. At the same time, extensive water damage after a fire can also compromise the structural integrity of the building.

One of the big concerns after water damage to property is mold growth. Mold can start growing on water damaged premises within 24 hours and needs to be treated immediately. While not all types of mold are particularly noxious, the type known as black mold releases spores into the air that are highly hazardous to health. These spores can trigger nausea, headaches and severe respiratory concerns in individuals working on properties affected by extensive mold growth. Mold can also generate structural damage to a building while affecting building materials due to chronic moisture exposure.

In addition, commercial buildings with many floors of office space can easily suffer from water damage after a fire as well. For instance, excess water can run over and find an escape route that can lead to ventilation units, staircases, elevators, and floors. Running water emptying into ventilation ducts can pour out over all sorts of office equipment. Water flowing into elevators can short circuit elevator buttons.

To prevent the effects of water damage after a fire from impacting your home or business site, get in touch with Cedar City fire and water damage restoration professionals at Ally1 Disaster Solutions. We offer a complete range of water damage restoration services that take care of remediating all physical damage along with any cosmetic restorations as well. When a commercial fire and water emergency strikes, contact us to help get you back in business in a prompt and timely manner.