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Three Fire Prevention Tips During The Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for family, celebrating, and spending time with loved ones. The last thing anyone wants is for their holiday celebrations to be interrupted by a fire. However, that is just what happens to thousands of families every year. The holiday season creates a host of new fire damage threats each year.  […]

fire damage restoration st george

What Can Be Saved After A Fire?

Fires are one of the most devastating things that can happen to a person. Unfortunately, fire damage is far more common than it seems. According to statistics, house fires cause an estimated $12 billion dollars in fire damage each year. They can devastate families in a matter of minutes, burning up all their possessions in […]

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Common Water Damage Signs

Unfortunately, there are no shortages in the ways that a house can flood. Some of the most common causes of floods include pipes bursting, improperly sealed homes, faulty appliances, heavy weather, and so much more. Some of the causes of water damage aren’t always seen, and signs of water damage will begin to appear before […]

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Where Does Water Damage Come From?

Water damage can come from a lot of different places. From our water damage restoration professionals at Ally 1 in St. George, here are seven common sources of water damage and what you can do about them.  Water Damage Cleanup Company In St. George Inclement Weather Bad weather is one of the most serious water […]

Water Damage St. George

How Long Would It Take to Dry Your Home after a Flood?

If your home has flooded, there are always steps you have to follow. However, the length of time it takes to dry out your building after a flood will depend on the intensity of the flood. There are numerous reasons why this task should be performed by experts. They have the best equipment, procedures, and […]

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Answers to Common Water Damage Questions

Ally 1 specializes in water damage cleanup and repair services in St. George. We get asked a lot of questions concerning water damage, so we thought we would go over some of the most common ones here so you can find quick answers when you need help with water damage. Water Damage In St. George […]

water damage st george

How To Tell If You Need To Hire A Water Damage Repair Company

Have you ever had water damage in your home? Here’s how to tell if you need a professional restoration company. Water Damage in St. George Have you ever had a flood and then wondered if you needed a water damage repair company? We have all been confronted with the issue of needing to know if […]

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Fire Damage Restoration Tips For Your St. George Home

A residential fire can be disastrous to those who are involved in it. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to know what you need to do to protect what you have. Even a tiny mistake could result in significant damage or, worse, injury to you or your family. The most […]

fire damage restoration st george

Everything You Need To Know About Fire Damage Restoration

By the time you are calling for help with fire damage restoration, you are already dealing with one of the most devastating and overwhelming types of damage your home can sustain. The scary thing is fire damage prevalence in homes across the country are frighteningly high, and whether or not you think it can happen […]

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Tips On How to Handle Water Damage In St. George

Water damage from broken sewage pipes, leaky pipes, and natural catastrophes can all cause significant damage to your St. George property. If your home is affected by water damage, it is important to assess the cause and act fast to prevent further damage. It can be stressful to deal with water damage, especially when it […]

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