fire damage restoration st george

Fire Damage Restoration Tips For Your St. George Home

A residential fire can be disastrous to those who are involved in it. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is important to know what you need to do to protect what you have. Even a tiny mistake could result in significant damage or, worse, injury to you or your family. The most […]

fire damage restoration st george

Everything You Need To Know About Fire Damage Restoration

By the time you are calling for help with fire damage restoration, you are already dealing with one of the most devastating and overwhelming types of damage your home can sustain. The scary thing is fire damage prevalence in homes across the country are frighteningly high, and whether or not you think it can happen […]

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Tips On How to Handle Water Damage In St. George

Water damage from broken sewage pipes, leaky pipes, and natural catastrophes can all cause significant damage to your St. George property. If your home is affected by water damage, it is important to assess the cause and act fast to prevent further damage. It can be stressful to deal with water damage, especially when it […]

fire damage restoration st george

Fire Damage Restoration St. George: Creating A Preparedness Plan

When dealing with fire damage restoration, the number one priority is to ensure you and everyone in the home is safe. Fires are devastating and dangerous, and knowing what to do if one should damage your home is important to ensure safety and the best outcome for your home and belongings. We are going to […]

fire damage restoration st george

St George Fire Damage Restoration Prevention

Cooking fires are the number one cause of fire damage restoration across the United States every year, meaning your St. George kitchen is a prime target for a fire. Since we use the kitchen pretty much all day, every day, it is important to be cautious and be active in fire prevention whenever you are […]

fire damage restoration st george

St. George Fire Damage Restoration – Christmas Tree Risks

Between 2015 and 2019, fire departments across the United States responded to an average of 160 house fires each year that started with Christmas trees. As a result, fire damage from these fires resulted in $10 million in property damage each year. We know the Holidays are busy and, let’s just call it like it […]

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St. George Water Damage Cleanup – When Hot Tub Pipes Break

With the weather cooling down in St George, it is nice to spend the evenings relaxing in the hot tub. While enjoyable, hot tubs can also wreak havoc on your home when not properly maintained. Proper hot tub care and maintenance will help to reduce the risk of water damage from pipe bursts and leaks. […]

water damage st george

Debunking Water Damage Myths In St. George 

Water damage is, unfortunately, a prevalent problem for home owners here in St George. Since water damage compounds into further and more significant issues the longer it goes unresolved, it is very important to understand how to get the problem taken care of quickly. Let’s play a game of myth busters and debunk some common […]

water damage st george

Reasons Why DIY Water Damage Projects Are Not A Good Investment

When unwanted water strikes your St. George home, your first response may be that you want to handle the problem on your own.  Before you try to tackle any DIY approaches, there are a few things you should take into consideration: Water Damage In St. George 1. You Do Not Have Professional Equipment With the […]

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Damage Prevention Tips From Your Local Water Damage Cleanup Company

This summer in St. George has been a hot one, like really hot. This has made it difficult for many homeowners to keep their lawns alive and looking green. Most of the time when we are watering our lawn we are not worrying about water damage, but without the proper precautions around the exterior of […]

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