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What YOU Can Do When Facing a Home Water Damage

Home Water Damage In Southern Utah When your home floods it can be very easy to start panicking, pacing, and become impulsive. However, this may not be the best way to assess the problem. Here are a few tips on how you can aid the cleanup and reduce the stress and headache of a home […]

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Five Ways to be Proactive Against Water Damage

Anyone that has ever encountered the consequences of water damage before knows the mess it can cause and the terrible hassle it is to get things back to normal afterward. At Ally One Disaster Solutions, we have vast experience dealing with these problems and aiding property owners around Southern Utah through the recovery process when […]

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Coping with Unhygienic Commercial Water Damage

When your business experiences water damage, you undoubtedly feel stressed. That stress is exacerbated when the spill originates from an unclean source and presents a danger to you and any workers who frequent the building. But how do you know that the water leak you are dealing with is unhygienic? What should you do if […]

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Things that Won’t Burn in a House Fire

According to the National Institute for Fire and Safety Training, the average house fire burns at about 1,100°F. That’s the same in the middle of a Utah winter, or the middle of summer. A fire of that magnitude hot enough to quickly burn up most of your precious belongings, but you might be surprised with […]

Is Mold Dangerous?

What is Mold and What Dangers Does it Pose? It’s usually taken at face value that mold shouldn’t be in your house, and if it’s found it needs to be removed. But do you know the reason behind these words or warning? What exactly is so harmful about it, and how does mold affect your […]

Moisture and Water Damage

Having Moisture of any kind is bad enough, but when water damage happens to your home in your St. George home be sure to contact Ally1 Disaster Solutions for water cleanup. The reason to always contact a certified technician is because moisture gives pathogens areas to grow. Even within 48 hours, mold may be present. […]

Post Fire Damage DOs and DON’Ts

  The hours, days, and weeks following a fire in your home or business can be completely overwhelming but are also crucial to the cleanup, repair, safety, and efficiency of getting your life back to normal. Surrounded by your soot-covered and flame-damaged possessions, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture: As long as […]

Being Prepared for Commercial Water Damage

“That was convenient” is never going to be something you say or hear when water damage strikes your place of business, in fact, it’s exactly the opposite. We understand the urgency and the delicacy of the situation, but it is important that when faced with a commercial water damage, you stay calm, think clearly, and […]

Flooding and Water Damage

Only certified professionals in St. George should be able to cleanup any extensive damage from a flood or sewage backflow, especially when dealing with contaminated fluids. Any attempts to cleanup these efforts without a certified professional present can lead to severe injury or illness. As soon as a professional is present, they will assess the […]

Fires Cause Smoke Damage

The only way to clean the acidic ash residue from the result of a fire disaster is with a thorough cleaning. The flames from the fire cause huge amounts of damage, as well as the soot, ash, and smoke will leave the building completely harmful and toxic to live in.  Professionals dealing with fire damage […]

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