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4 Signs Of Water Damage

Ah, St. George! A beautiful land covered in red rocks and continuous sunlight and warmth. Because of the hard desert terrain, heavy rainwater does not soak into the ground very quickly as it can in many other places. When St. George gets a lot of rain, many homes and businesses suffer from water damage due […]

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Five Safety Concerns Related To Flood Damage

Flood damage is a serious problem for many homeowners. It can be very destructive, is a hassle to clean up, and poses certain safety concerns. We at Ally1 in the St. George area want you to be safe and prepared in all types of flooding disasters. Below are five safety concerns associated with flooding that […]

flood damage st george, flood damage cleanup st george

Prepping For Flash Floods

December can be a pretty quiet month for St. George. Our part of the state doesn’t see a ton of snow or rain during the winter months, not enough to cause a lot of damage at least. However, we are affected by the runoff of snow and water from northern towns, cities, and mountains that […]

water damage st george, water damage cleanup st george

Preventing Winter Water Damage

Winter is a dangerous time for your home. More insurance claims are filed in this next three months than any other time. In fact, water damage accounts for almost half of all property damage claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The combination of frozen exterior pipes leaks inside the house and long absences can […]

water damage st george, water damage cleanup st george

Get In Front Of Winter Weather Water Damage

  As the days grow shorter and nights get longer in St. George, take these signs as reasons to prepare your home for potential water damage. Wind, hail, water, and freezing damage claims account for more homeowners insurance claims than all other property damage combined. Use these last warm days to scan your home from […]

flood damage st george, flood damage cleanup st george

Floods In Utah

This summer’s devastating floods near the Dollar Ridge Fire resulted from a combination of a) flash floods and b) a previous wildfire “burn scar” in northern Utah. Debris flows resulted from extreme rainfall directly over the area of limited, burned out vegetation. Duchesne County Sheriff’s Deputies, County Road Department workers and firefighters assigned to the […]

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Understanding The Different Levels Of Contaminated Flood Water

Not all water damage is equal. Some cases of flooding and water damage, while still obnoxious and destructive don’t pose nearly the same threat or cause the same damage as others. Oftentimes, this has to do with the level of contamination in the floodwater itself. Floodwater is almost never clean to the point that you […]

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How To Deal With Loss After Water Damage

Experiencing a house flood or any kind of water damage can be devastating, especially if you are unprepared for it. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing items or entire portions of your home being thrown out because they are not savable. This is particularly hard to deal with if you have heirlooms or are […]

water damage st george, water damage cleanup st george

What To Do In The Aftermath Of Water Damage

Experiencing water damage is one of those horrible things that you always assume is going to happen to someone else. You never think that you are going to be the one with burst pipes or a leaky foundation, but the truth is that water damage is the second most common reasons for insurance claims in […]

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Sometimes A Slow Leak Is More Dangerous Than A Fast Flood!

When stormwaters crash down your front door, a catastrophic flood could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs. However, a slow drip or a leaky pipe can cause even more devastating to your home. A water leak can play havoc with your health and with your property, over time, just as surely […]

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