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Water Damage From Garage Flooding

Imagine a stainless steel diamond plate workbench with rolling tool boxes for all your tools. Plus a spotless epoxy or rubber tile flooring. Even glimmering lighting to highlight your fabulous car collections.  Or maybe your actual garage is a mess of cardboard boxes, plastic storage tubs and a scraggly Christmas tree in the corner.  No […]

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Water Damage Caused By Washing Machines

Your laundry room is the place where your belongings get clean, not a place that you expect a mess. But, washing machines hold a lot of water and have many hoses and other parts that keep the water inside to do their job. However, water can escape from your washing machine and create a major […]

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St. George Water Damage Pros

Water. One of life’s greatest mysteries. Essential to all living things, water has so many great things about it. It can be used as a helping tool in the work area. It allows boats to transport goods across the sea to other countries. It helps turn mills to provide the factory power needed to complete […]

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3 Common Mistakes Made When Cleaning Up Fire Damage On Your Own

The aftermath of a fire in your home in Cedar City is pretty discouraging and overwhelming. The damage is daunting, and many homeowners feel the urge to start cleaning up the damage right away. However, there are steps that should and must be followed in order to produce a successful restoration. Failing to do so […]

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Safeguarding Against Flood Damage

According to Utah.Gov, there has been a total of $414,488,500 in property damage from flooding events in Utah since 1996.  When the Laub Detention Dam failed as a result of heavy rainfall in September 2012, Santa Clara, Ivins, and St. George suffered damage to 66 homes, 18 businesses, and a number of public facilities; so […]

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The Key To Successful Restoration After Water Damage

Home and business owners in St. George are no strangers to the threat of water damage to personal and commercial property. While we depend on water to live, and to cool us down on those hot summer days, when water damages our homes and property, it needs to be addressed and resolved quickly to avoid […]

Five Easy Ways To Prevent Water Damage

Water damage prevention is not complicated. However, failing to take important prevention steps like those mentioned below can lead to serious flooding problems. At Ally1 in St. George, we hope that you find these very doable tips helpful for preventing water damage in your home.  Replace Or Repair Old Pipes Rusted or worn pipes are […]

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Six Pests To Look Out For After A Flood

A flooded home is bad enough. An insect invasion following the flood makes matters even worse. Sometimes flooding inevitably brings in unwanted pests and insects. However, a large degree of insect invasions can be prevented by quick and effective water damage restoration response. Our team of restoration professionals at Ally1 Disaster Solutions in St. George […]

Investigate Forgotten Spaces For Water Damage

From the very top parts of the attic down to the foundation of the basement, water can enter your St. George home to damage the structure, ruin your possessions and harbor mold growth. We at Ally1 Disaster Solutions know that while some areas of the home are more inclined to flood, hidden areas often have […]

Tools of the Trade: Water Damage Restoration

If you have experienced significant water damage, your immediate reaction is to grab some towels and start dabbing and blotting. After about three bath sheet sized sponges, you realize that you are woefully underprepared to remove this moisture. Fortunately, the professionals at Ally1 in St. George have many tools at their disposal. Get it Dry! […]

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