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Three Sneaky Ways That Water Damage Can Get Into Your Home

Water is crafty. If there are any possible points of entry into your home, it will eventually find a way in. While this can happen anywhere, there are a few areas of a home where water is most likely to find its way into the home. At Ally1 in Cedar City our water damage cleanup […]

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Preparing For Potential Fall Water Damage

We’re wrapping up summer and things are turning into fall, which is a wonderful time of year. Maybe you have kids who are enjoying running through the sprinklers for the last time before school starts in a week, or maybe you are going to a backyard end-of-summer swim party with friends. Whatever it is, you […]

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Mold Removal And Wet Basements

Since basements are the lowest part of the home, they get more moisture than any other area in the home. Because it seems to be a common problem in basements, and most of the long-lasting effects of excess moisture are hidden behind walls and under floors, many homeowners overlook water and moisture in the basement […]

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Do’s And Don’ts of Fire Damage Restoration

If your home in Cedar City catches fire, the damage happens very quickly. Within minutes fire and smoke can devastate your property and disrupt your life. When a fire strikes, you need fire damage restoration professionals you can trust. That is where we come in. The certified technicians at Ally1 Disaster Solutions are ready to […]

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How Far Does Fire Damage Restoration Go?

Watching your home burn is heart–wrenching. Next, discarding charred and burnt items are emotional (and expensive.) However, even after you’ve removed all the items with visible fire damage and had what you could restore, you have another problem– the hidden damage to your electronics. Despite the seemingly tough, metal exteriors on computers, televisions, cell phones […]

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How To Avoid Water Damage During Heavy Rainstorms

Heavy rainstorms are serious and cause concerns about water damage. The combination of large amounts of rain and any number of weaknesses outside your home can lead to a home seriously affected by water damage in just a short time. At Ally1 in St. George, we are experienced at dealing with the water aftermath of […]

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Repair Or Replace Valuables After Water Damage

When you discover water in your St. George home, you automatically begin a series of vital questions. Where is the water coming from? Can I stop the water? How will I get the water out? Is my stuff ruined? Your first step should be to immediately deal with the first three questions and then when […]

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Categories Of Water Damage

When it comes to water damage in St. George, not all water disasters are treated the same. In fact, there are three different classifications of water – each requiring different steps to safely and adequately cleanup the damage. It is important to know which type of water you are dealing with before water damage cleanup […]

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Water Damage From Garage Flooding

Imagine a stainless steel diamond plate workbench with rolling tool boxes for all your tools. Plus a spotless epoxy or rubber tile flooring. Even glimmering lighting to highlight your fabulous car collections.  Or maybe your actual garage is a mess of cardboard boxes, plastic storage tubs and a scraggly Christmas tree in the corner.  No […]

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Water Damage Caused By Washing Machines

Your laundry room is the place where your belongings get clean, not a place that you expect a mess. But, washing machines hold a lot of water and have many hoses and other parts that keep the water inside to do their job. However, water can escape from your washing machine and create a major […]

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