Fire Prevention In St. George

fire damage st george city, fire damage cleanup st george cityThe number of houses that are destroyed each year from fires is staggering. In 2016 the NFPA reported more than 1.3 million fires that resulted in an estimated 3,390 deaths and over millions of dollars in property damage.
At Ally1 Disaster Solutions, we believe that fire safety awareness and fir damage prevention can go a long way in keeping you, your family, and your home safe. Listed below are a few habits that can compromise that safety.

Did you now that the kitchen is that starting point for nearly 60% of all house fires? Negligent cooking has been known to ignite most of these fires. When cooking, whether you are boiling water, grilling steak, or baking a casserole, never leave your oven or stove unattended. Check your kitchen appliances for any frayed or exposed wires before use, as they may spark and cause a fire to ignite unexpectedly. Make sure your cookware is used as intended when cooking with the microwave, oven, etc. Make sure to keep your cooking areas clear of flammable material, such as dish towels, recipe cards, and plastic and wooden utensils.

Heating Units
With the winter season in full swing its important to maintain your chimney, fireplace, and furnace to prevent a fire damage accident. The buildup of debris in any of these units can cause major damage to a home in a matter of minutes. When you use a wood burning fireplace make sure you never leave the fire unattended and completely extinguish any smoldering ashes with water. If you are using a portable electric heater, make sure you keep the unit at least 3 feet away from any surrounding objects.

Electrical Issues
It is important that you don’t overload your power strips, sockets, or extension cords. Believe it or not, but extension cords can cause some major fire damage, even if the cord is not frayed or damaged. When a power strip, socket, or extension cord is overloaded they start to overheat and quickly become dangerous fire hazards. Just a few weeks ago a local news station was reporting on a home that caught fire due to an overheating extension cord. The cord sparked and caught a nearby quilt on fire, causing thousands of dollars in property loss and damage.

A few things to keep in mind with electrical outlets, power strips, and extension cords:
• Make sure the outlet you are using has the appropriate wattage capacity necessary to run the appliances or electronics you are plugging in.
• Never “daisy string” (plug multiple extensions cords together to make a longer cord) extension cords together.
• Avoid running extension cords through the walls, ceilings, or doorways.
• Avoid tapping down cords or covering cords up with heavy objects.
If you don’t have enough outlets or you are unsure of the safety of your wiring, call a professional to evaluate, install and make sure your wiring is up to code and safe for your home.

Fire damage disasters occur every day, hopefully with preventative measures and fire safety awareness you and your family won’t suffer through the experience of a fire damage disaster. If for any reason your home has suffered from fire damage, contact Ally1 Disaster Solutions in St. George City for immediate assistance.