Fires Cause Smoke Damage

smoke damage cleanupThe only way to clean the acidic ash residue from the result of a fire disaster is with a thorough cleaning. The flames from the fire cause huge amounts of damage, as well as the soot, ash, and smoke will leave the building completely harmful and toxic to live in.  Professionals dealing with fire damage in the St. George area have the special cleaning products and the correct equipment for this typical process.

Ash and Soot are Difficult to Remove

Ceilings, walls, and anything else that has been affected by ash will be treated during cleanup. Smoke odors are usually present in a fire disaster and will need removal so people can access the building once again. Standard equipment, though, isn’t able to remove the smoke odors because of how noxious it is. Professionals must have thermal foggers and other sophisticated equipment to help them as they undergo an odor removal. These professionals can get inside all parts of the home, including walls and floors.

The removal of the fire damage must be done in a rapid time because ash is extremely acidic. Materials will begin to deteriorate if the acid is left to sit for a long period. The treatment that the restoration professionals will provide is cleaning every surface, including cleaning furniture, walls, countertops, and ceilings that ash and soot have affected. Ducts and vents of the home will be cleaned out as well, assuring that it will never enter the home again. The remaining remnants will still continue to cause damage, even if the fire is out. Professionals will use their knowledge and apply techniques to bring items damaged by ash and soot back to their normal condition when possible. The particles of the smoke are incredibly small, about .01 microns in size. The particles of the smoke are incredibly small, about .01 microns in size. Fire damage isn’t an easy thing to clean, which should be left to the professionals for the best results.

What is Left Behind?

Materials, including plastics and wood, can leave behind residues that contain chemicals and are harmful to the body if inhaled. The greatest contributor to the smoke in the building is wood. Wood contains harmful contents such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, methane, benzene, formic acid, acetic acid, formaldehyde, and large traces of heavy metals. Anyone who inhales or comes in contact with the smoke will intake all of these toxins, causing major problems. Particles from soot and smoke settle in carpets, on furniture, countertops, and walls following the combustion. Open flames will send smoke throughout the home, making it so no part of the building will be untouched by smoke. This means trouble.

Building owners can definitely clean up after fire damage with box fans, soapy water, and a vacuum. However, the owners will need the expertise and the special equipment that professionals use to rehabilitate their building. Not all companies offer the same level of professionalism and expertise. Restoration companies should be able to show licensing documentation, which includes their current insurance papers, safety, and health certificates. The companies that have a higher level of expertise have more experience in different methods and techniques for restoration.

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