Flooding and Water Damage

water damage st georgeOnly certified professionals in St. George should be able to cleanup any extensive damage from a flood or sewage backflow, especially when dealing with contaminated fluids. Any attempts to cleanup these efforts without a certified professional present can lead to severe injury or illness. As soon as a professional is present, they will assess the situation and determine what items will need rescuing immediately.

All situations will be dried thoroughly with heavy duty air movers and dehumidifiers. The professionals will then inspect the building and look for any evidence of mold or pathogen contamination. If any mold or pathogen are present, they will be removed using special procedures to ensure the home is safe to be in. Once the professionals are done, the building will be as good as new.

Excess moisture is extremely bad, but when a home is damaged due to a flood or plumbing issue, the situation can quickly get out of hand. Homeowners will be charged more for these incidents because contaminated water not only creates immediate structural problems, but also biological threats after it has been removed from the home. Dirty water contains all kinds of deadly substances, ranging from chemical residues to animal feces to parasites. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi grow in the contaminated fluid, which causes severe health risks. Salmonella and also hepatitis are common in flood waters.

Water Damage Can Cause Mold Damage

Drywall, wood, and the matter that is trapped inside of carpet fibers are just a few examples on where pathogens can begin to grow. Within just 48 hours, mold may begin growing behind the walls and releasing spores. Any organic materials that have been soaked through by the contaminated fluid will have to be destroyed. Contacting restoration firms to survey the home after it has been damaged by contaminated fluids is best so the professionals can ensure the family can return to safe home, instead of a collection of deadly pathogens.

Homeowners should know that moisture is most often the enemy and is capable of penetrating into any space. Moisture will take advantage of every little crack and structural problem. Floods and sewage backflows contain a mixture of deadly bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and even momentary skin contact can leave a person seriously ill. A certified restoration company not only has the special tools to perform what they need to do to eliminate the moisture, but they also have the protective equipment to leave the home remaining free from harm. No matter how the moisture gets into the building, bring in a certified professional as soon as possible, so they can clean the home, dry it, and ensure that the building has no lingering health threats once the moisture is gone.

Professional Save the Day

Restoration professionals have a lot of technology in their hands. These include powerful vacuums and pumping systems, high volume air movers, heat injectors, dehumidifiers, moisture meters, and a number of detergents formulated for completely destroying fungi and any other microfiber threats. When the technicians work on the building, they are disposing of compromised materials and drying out the rest. The technicians will also destroy all microbial colonies and mold. Cleaning a home that has been destroyed by contaminated water without a restoration professional is absolutely dangerous. Restoration companies want to ensure that your home is safe to live in, and a business safe to work in.

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