Commercial Mold Inspection and Removal

mold damage st georgeCommercial Mold Removal in Southern Utah

Even a little bit of mold growth can cause big disruptions to businesses. If you think you may have a mold problem in your business or office space call Ally1 today. We specialize in commercial mold removal in the Southern Utah area.

People often ask if mold is dangerous to humans, and the answer is YES! If you suspect you may have mold don’t delay. Mold spores can germinate in as little as 12 hours and begin spreading within 24-48 hours. Commercial mold problems will not go away! They will not resolve themselves. The longer you wait the bigger, and more costly, the problem may become.

Ally1, serving the Southern Utah area, can answer your questions and help ensure your building is free of mold and safe for your employees and customers.

Indicators of a Commercial Mold Problem

You may have mold in your building and not even know it because mold is not always visible. Consider having a mold remediation professional inspect for mold if you answer YES to the following questions, which may indicate that you have a commercial mold problem:

  • Do you have an existing moisture problem?
  • Are there materials that have been wet for more than 48 hours?
  • Do you notice a musty odor in your business?
  • Is anyone in your business¬†reporting health problems?
  • Has your business¬†been remodeled recently?

Call Ally1 Disaster Solutions in Southern Utah today to schedule professional and confidential mold inspection and removal.


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