Three Fire Prevention Tips During The Holiday Season

Fire Damage Restoration St GeorgeThe holidays are a time for family, celebrating, and spending time with loved ones. The last thing anyone wants is for their holiday celebrations to be interrupted by a fire. However, that is just what happens to thousands of families every year. The holiday season creates a host of new fire damage threats each year. 

Fire Damage Restoration St. George

From our fire damage restoration team at Ally 1, here are three fire damage prevention tips for this holiday season. 

Don’t Let Your Christmas Tree Dry Out

There is nothing like a real Christmas tree in your living room to boost everyone’s holiday spirits. However, Christmas trees need to be watered extremely well or they will dry out and basically become kindling for a fire. Even a small spark is enough for a dried-out Christmas tree to catch fire. It’s easy to neglect to keep your tree watered so this is a common mistake people make. Moreover, it is even easier to forget about keeping your Christmas tree watered after Christmas so it’s recommended that you get rid of your Christmas tree soon after Christmas before it is ignored and dries out. 

One way around this issue is to purchase an artificial tree. This will save you money as you only need to buy one and high-quality artificial trees can closely resemble real trees. You could also use lights for your tree that are certified to be safer. You should also make sure that you turn off your lights each night to prevent overheating. 

Turn Off Christmas Lights At Night

An overheated or short-circuited Christmas light can lead to a fire in no time. During the day, it’s easier to catch a problem like this and take care of it before it turns into anything serious. At night, however, a fire could develop without your knowledge. For this reason, experts recommend turning off your Christmas lights at night or while you are away from your home. An easy solution to this is to set your lights on a timer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off.

Be Careful With Your Fireplace

Nothing says Christmas like a warm, inviting fireplace. But, you need to be careful with your fireplace to avoid causing a fire hazard. Make sure you have a solid grate separating your room from the open flame and that you only burn high-quality wood. No sparks or chunks of burnt wood should ever make it outside of your fireplace. If so, you should fix the problem before any serious issues can develop.

Don’t let a fire ruin your holiday celebrations with loved ones! We hope you find the tips above helpful for preventing fires during this holiday season. Nonetheless, if you do ever deal with fire damage in your home, give us a call at Ally 1 so we can be right out to your home to repair the damage. We are available 24/7 for any emergency that surfaces.