Common Culprits Of Water Damage And How To Prepare For Cleanup

water damage cleanup cedar city, water damage cedar city, water damage restoration cedar cityWater damage is something everyone wants to avoid. The cleanup process after the disaster has occurred is also something that everyone wants to avoid. However, even though it is a safe bet that everyone would be okay with going without, it is a possibility that someday you might have to face this very situation. There’s never a guarantee that it won’t happen to you but there are definitely some things you can do to prevent water damage, and the cleanup costs that follow, from occurring in your home. From the experts at Ally 1 ,in Cedar City, here are a few places that water damage can occur, and things you can do to alleviate tons of cleanup costs. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Cedar City

  • Frozen Pipes: This is a big deal, especially with Cedar City winters, pipes are susceptible to freezing. When this happens the ice inside the pipes bulge and put increased pressure on the pipes causing them to crack or burst and this can cause water damage in your home. In order to avoid this scenario, make sure you keep your home at a good temperature that is warm enough to avoid freezing pipes. If you are leaving for a weekend, perhaps think about leaving a sink dripping water so that water is running making it harder for them to freeze. You can even open up cupboards where your pipes are (ex. Under the kitchen or bathroom sink) so that warm air can get to them.
  • Broken Appliances: Any appliance can malfunction when we least expect it but it is more common with older appliances. Do some routine check-ups on your appliances to make sure they are in good working order and keep an eye on the older appliances in your home. Water damage can be caused by all sorts of appliances ranging from the dishwasher, to the refrigerator, or the washer. 
  • Big storms and clogged gutters: Cedar City is a relatively dry place. It’s a desert so rainstorms seem to be few and far between. This however opens up possibilities for water damage and cleanup costs to occur. When big storms hit, the ground is dry so water doesn’t absorb into the ground as well, causing it to pool and flood. As well, if gutters are cleaned out, water will spill over where it was not intended to. When these things happen there’s a chance that water can pool at the foundation of your home and leak or even flood through basement windows. In any of these  cases, just be prepared. Check your gutters regularly to be sure they are free from debris and slope your yard away from your house so water flows away from your house rather than pool right by it. 

We’ve gone over a few things to watch out for and what you can do to prevent water damage from happening in your home but as mentioned before, prevention is not always a guarantee. If water damage is something that you end up facing, the clean up can seem like an overwhelming task but there are water damage restoration teams, such as Ally 1 Disaster Solutions, that are there to help you get the job done fast and right.