Five Ways to be Proactive Against Water Damage

Anyone that has ever encountered the consequences of water damage before knows the mess it can cause and the terrible hassle itwater damage southern utah is to get things back to normal afterward. At Ally One Disaster Solutions, we have vast experience dealing with these problems and aiding property owners around Southern Utah through the recovery process when water damage strikes.
While it is invaluable to know experts such as those at Ally One Disaster Solutions in the event water damage does occur, it is obviously far preferable to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are a few tips for taking charge and making your property as water damage-proof as possible.

Pay Close Attention to your Water Bill

This is a small and easy way to prevent minor problems from becoming big ones. Each month, as you receive your water bill, make sure you take the time to look over at and see if it is any higher than it should be. If it is, take note, check your faucets, pipes, and anything else that could possibly be leaking. If you catch this early you could prevent a lot of future damage and hassle.

Check and Clean your Water Gutters

No one wants to do this, but it’s an important thing to do to keep your home safe from water damage. The more consistently and thoroughly this job is done the easier it will get. It’s recommended to do this a couple times a year to keep junk from piling up in your gutters and blocking the flow of water. It’s not glorious, but if always done, this one simple task would end up preventing a lot of damage from water disasters.

Inspect your Roof

It’s not uncommon for roofs, especially older ones, to start having leaks. A leak in any part of a living-room ceiling can be pretty noticeable, making it easy to spot for repairs before any real damage occurs. However, in less conspicuous parts of the house, it can be difficult to detect a leak even if it has been there for a while. That is why it’s important to periodically check your roof to ensure it’s still doing its job.

Document your Possessions

Admittedly documenting your possessions is less of a prevention method and more about mitigation and limiting overall loss, but it’s important enough to be included. First, digitally scan all your important documents so you’ll have them even if the hard copy is destroyed. Then, take inventory of all the items in your house, especially those that are more prone to loss through theft, fires, water damage, etc. This will make things a lot easier for you in the case of a disaster when dealing with your insurance company. Also, if done right it can take a lot of the sting out of a messy water damage situation. It puts you back in control of a bad situation.

There are several more actions you can take to protect your home from water damage, but by doing these few things and developing the simple habits of regularly cleaning and inspecting areas of your home that are susceptible to water damage you will be able to sleep a little easier knowing you have done what you could. However, if disaster still strikes in spite of these efforts you know who to call. Ally One Disaster Solutions works around the clock to help those in the Southern Utah recover from water damage issues.

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