The Key To Successful Restoration After Water Damage

water damage st george, water damage cleanup st george, water removal st georgeHome and business owners in St. George are no strangers to the threat of water damage to personal and commercial property. While we depend on water to live, and to cool us down on those hot summer days, when water damages our homes and property, it needs to be addressed and resolved quickly to avoid further damage. When it comes to water damage, the professionals at Ally1 know that timing is key to a successful restoration.

If water damage is not cleaned up properly right away, mold becomes a greater concern. Mold can begin growing in as little as 24 hours following in wet or damp areas. Mold only needs three things in order to grow: a food source, moisture, and time.

Homes are full of food sources for mold. Porous materials like wood, drywall, and even dust are all great sources of food for mold. When water damage occurs in our homes, all of these potential sources absorb moisture. Since a food source and moisture cannot be avoided once water damage has occurred, the one thing you can prevent is time. This is why timing is so critical in water damage cleanup. With prompt action following a water disaster, the growth of dangerous molds is significantly decreased.

Mold found in homes can be very dangerous to your health. Mold reproduces and grows through spores that cannot be seen by the naked eye. If mold spores are ingested or inhaled, they can cause a lot of respiratory problems including:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat
  • Fatigue

Since mold spores travel through the air, they can affect the air quality throughout the entire home, not just in the area that sustained water damage. When mold has been present for extended periods of time, it can pose more serious health threats such as:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sinus infections 

Because mold can pose such serious health threats, the best way to prevent mold growth is to begin the cleanup process as quickly as possible following any type of water damage. 

Besides mold growth, lingering water after a water disaster will also lead to increased damage to the materials that are wet.  Floors, walls, sheetrock, and insulation are all made up of porous materials. When these materials are introduced to water, they begin to absorb the moisture. This moisture can cause swelling, deterioration, break down, and loss of integrity in the structural components of your home. Items such as furniture, carpets, and bedding will deteriorate more quickly the longer they are exposed to water. Your water damage problems will most likely compound, and repair expenses will increase exponentially by failing to act quickly when water attacks your home.

When it comes to water damage clean up in St. George and surrounding areas, you want the best people handling the situation. The Ally1 Disaster Solutions crew is certified and has the experience you can count on to minimize damages from water. By taking immediate action, Ally1 Disaster Solutions will quickly and thoroughly dry out your home or business. We are available 24/7 with immediate response for all water damage cleanup and restoration needs.