Why is there Mold in My St. George Home?


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Mold has been around for thousands of years. It is a natural substance that needs very little subsistence to thrive. Mold feeds off of wood based materials. Did you know that the majority of St. George homes are chalk full of wood based materials?

Mold needs more than wood to survive. Mold loves moisture! If your home has excess moisture or any water damage it is prime real estate for mold growth. If your St. George home has suffered from water damage or you suspect water damage call in the professionals at Ally1 Disaster Solutions! Our certified technicians can assess the situation and prevent any mold growth!

Hot Spots for Mold Growth

Bathrooms. Some bathrooms are not properly ventilated or have no ventilation at all. When the moisture from showering, bathing, etc. has nowhere to go it can attach itself to the walls and ceiling. This created the perfect atmosphere for mold to grow.

Storage Areas. Basements and Attics are also prime real estate for mold growth. These areas tend to have continual mold growth. Why you ask?

  •       Basements usually have a lot of moisture in the air because the soil and earth around them tend to be damp.
  •       Attics can also attract a lot of moisture. Residual moisture from your home can find its way to the attic. Leaky roofs can also contribute to high moisture levels.

Is Mold Dangerous to People?

Yes! Mold can be dangerous! If you suspect that mold may be growing in your St. George home contact the professionals at Ally1 Disaster Solutions now! Mold spores have a rapid growth rate and can spread within just a day or two. Mold does not just go away on its own! Ally1 Disaster Solutions can preform any type of mold removal in St George!

Ally1 Disaster Solutions is here to provide you with the best mold removal services in St. George humanly possible! Call us today and we will complete a mold assessment in St. George!