4 Signs Of Water Damage

water damage st george, water damage cleanup st georgeAh, St. George! A beautiful land covered in red rocks and continuous sunlight and warmth. Because of the hard desert terrain, heavy rainwater does not soak into the ground very quickly as it can in many other places. When St. George gets a lot of rain, many homes and businesses suffer from water damage due to water pooling up. Thankfully, water damage cleanup companies like Ally 1 Disaster Solutions are available to help clean up and repair any water damage that happens. However, water damage isn’t always noticed right away. Here are some things to keep an eye out for so that you can discover hidden water damage faster. 

  • Areas Of Pooling Or Puddles Of Water:  If you notice pools of water in various areas around your property, it could mean that water is getting inside. Check the inside walls and flooring where pools of water sit on the outside. Basements with windows are notorious for letting this type of water in, so if you have a basement, look around the windows, too.

  • Discoloration: If water has affected your home, you are going to see discoloration. Heavy rains can cause leaks in the roof which will show in the ceiling by a change in color. Look for water spots in the ceiling. The area may appear wet and dry and can be yellow, brown, or copper in color. Staining, peeling paint or bubbling is also a sign that there is a form of water damage.  
  • Texture Changes:  The main sign of water damage to the floor is a change in the texture. Different versions of texture morphing include sagging/sinking-soft spots within the hardwood due to rot or damage. If you come across wood of this type, it may feel spongy beneath your floors. Water can seep within cracks and crevices causing damage within the wood itself.
  • Odor:  Mold has a unique type of smell. If you smell or see mold within your home, it means that water damage is not far behind. Mold spores are caused when water burrows deep within the walls for an extended period of time. Drywall of various types can become sponges for water which is the key ingredient in mold growth. And if mold does develop, it creates a visual discoloration and a terrible musty odor.

With these four tips, now you know what signs to look for so that you can catch water damage faster. Know that in most cases, you are not responsible for the damage. If you do find water damage in your home or business, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to get it repaired as soon as possible. Get in touch with a local water damage cleanup company who will help take care of the issue as soon as possible.

Ally1 Disaster Solutions is your go-to company for any type of water damage that you will encounter within your home! Most insurance policies cover the cost of water damage cleanup, but they require the policyholder to take action to prevent further damage. In St. George and the surrounding areas, they will help you document needed information for the insurance filing. Ally1 Disaster Solutions are Insurance Claims Specialists working directly with YOUR insurance company to help ease the burden from your shoulders.  

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