The Importance Of Professionals

water damage cleanup st george, water damage st georgeCertified professionals in the restoration industry have a highly important job to do. They can reverse the damage that water can cause, and also save as many items as possible. If you are dealing with contaminated fluids in your home, especially if they are pooled up, you should only allow the certified and trained professionals from Ally1 Disaster Solutions in St. George to take care of the cleanup.

Why Call a Professional?

The reasons why you should call in a professional water damage restoration team is because they are trained and educated in industry leading water damage cleanup processes. They are able to manage any size of water damage problem and have the knowledge needed to successfully clean up and repair the damage. They are also certified and have high-quality equipment that will get the job done right the first time.

Not hiring a properly trained technician to restore your home can cause major problems for you and your family. Property that has not been cleaned up the right way can cause serious health risks. Standing water can quickly turn into a mold disaster if a professional team is not contacted right away. Any kind of moisture in a property will attract microbes. Microbes can destroy anything within time, especially items containing cellulose and organic materials. All technicians know that time is key when dealing with water damage because the quicker you call in professional help, the less of a disaster you will have to repair.

In most cases, homeowners will only notice the surface damage that water has caused before any other damage. The professionals are trained to look beyond the surface and see if there is underlying damage. Acting quickly when dealing with a water damage issue is always the most important thing you can do.

Water Damage Threats

Water damage poses some serious threats and concerns that everybody should be aware of. Some of the threats are obviously noticeable and others are not. The most dangerous part of a restoration technician’s job is working with standing water that is contaminated. If the water comes from a flood or a sewage backup, then most likely the water is biohazardous and can contain a deadly cocktail of chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. The professionals at a reputable restoration company use industry leading equipment to keep them safe from harm, and the appropriate tools to properly clean and sanitize the damaged area.

The whole process will start with a moisture meter that will tell the experts how much moisture is in the home. Once the moisture is found, they will then pump out any standing water and quickly begin drying the home using heavy air movers and dehumidifiers. The drying process can take several days until fully complete. Testing for various microbes is crucial, and this will be done while everything is drying. If microbes are found, antimicrobials and fungicides will be used to get rid of and prevent microbes from growing again. Special cleaning detergents are used to clean and sanitize your home, so health risks are eliminated.

If you are in the St. George, Utah area, be sure to contact the professional at Ally 1 Disaster Solutions. They have the right equipment, team, and experience to restore any water damage job.