Fires Cause Smoke Damage

The only way to clean the acidic ash residue from the result of a fire disaster is with a thorough cleaning. The flames from the fire cause huge amounts of damage, as well as the soot, ash, and smoke will leave the building completely harmful and toxic to live in.  Professionals dealing with fire damage […]

Water Damage: Bad For Your Home, But Bad For You as Well

  Most of us are well aware of the issues water damage can cause in our homes. Common issues are structural and foundational damage, irreparable destruction to walls and carpet, and the devastating loss of personal possessions. All of that can be replaced. Our well-being and our lives, however, can’t be replaced. This is why […]

Has a Fire Damaged Your Business?

Fires can be greatly devastating to your Cedar City business or even to your home. After the fire has occurred, your property will not only suffer from a fire but smoke will also do damage as well. If there happened to be water used to put the fire out, you could also have water damage […]

Of Water Damage and Health

  From small appliance leaks to full-on natural disasters, any degree of water damage can jeopardize your health if not handled properly and immediately. Long-term water damage can lead to rapid mold growth, unpleasant odors, and dangerous air quality. To keep the health of you and your family in check, we’ve compiled a list of […]

The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Grilling in St. George Heat

  As the weather gets warmer, we start itching to spend every minute we can outside. After the never-ending winter months, it’s finally time to trade the oven for the grill and the snow for the sprinklers. And while you brush off your dusty grill and search the Internet for popular barbecue recipes, don’t forget […]

Don’t Hesitate! Address Water Damage Now!

  It is not uncommon for a homeowner to look up to find a curious round circle of moisture on the ceiling. Or, maybe it’s not a circle of moisture on the ceiling but a puddle of water on the floor. Or, the bathtub has been slowly leaking water into the floor for an extended […]

Does Your Home Have Mold?

As a homeowner in St. George, the word mold is a scary thing. Why should someone be afraid of something so small? You wouldn’t think it could cause very much damage by looking at it. But, mold can be a huge problem and if not taken care of right away it will continue growing. Believe […]

Got Water damage in St. George City? We can help!

Quick! What is the first thing you need to do when your St. George City home suffers from water damage? That’s right! You need to contact the professionals at Ally1! Waiting to contact a professional water damage restoration company when water damage hits your home can cause catastrophic results. There are a few small precautions […]

Ally1 Dealing with Water Damage in St. George

Did you know according to statistics that right behind fire and smoke damage, water damage is the second most severe of all property damage claims. In the event that a pipe breaks or cracks, a storm hits or an old worn down roof leaks, even situations like a clogged toilet,  if not taken care of […]

Preventing Winter Water Damage

Water damage in your Saint George commercial property is a huge blow. You could be holding sopping wet dish towels in one hand, and be on the phone with your restoration company in the other. To make sure this tragedy doesn’t happen to you, follow these tips to ensure the safety of your commercial property: […]

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